It's Christmas, and I'm leaving
It's Christmas, and I'm leaving secretcomma stories

ofthewolves 19 | Slytherin | est 10th July 2016
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Secret Comma for Hetty ( @violandviolin )

It's Christmas, and I'm leaving

by ofthewolves ( Secret Comma 2016 )

Last Christmas, I promised myself.

The next Christmas, I will be out of here

Out of the small town I called home for 17 years

The city, with it's big shining lights

Is beckoning me

Drawing me into it's comfort of anonymity

Drawing me in to a place where no one knows me

A place where I might have a chance to explore

Explore my identity outside of a small town girl

Explore my sexuality and who I might be

Explore my ambitions to write or direct

And see how far I can go outside these walls of my town

Living in the middle of nowhere has taught me lessons

Anonymity is impossible

Change is impossible

But in the big city, everything is possible

It's Christmas and I'm leaving

And I'm not looking back

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