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ofthewolves 19 | Slytherin | est 10th July 2016
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The people you start with may be far away from where you end up, and that's okay.


by ofthewolves

Every choice you make

Every choice you will ever make

Will lead you to places

Places you never thought you'd reach

Or where you want to be

Sometimes, people who you started with

Your best friends from school

Your partner in crime

Might end up in very different places from you

Even though everyone started at the same place

You might end up in very different places

Physically,in different cities,countries, or even continents

Mentally,in different state of minds with different opinions

Cause we made different choices

We'll be in different places

So, wherever we'll be, we'll be alone

Choices separates each and every individual

So let's trust that our choices are right

And our choices will lead us to places

Beautiful places

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