A life worth fighting for // The idealism of youth
A life worth fighting for // The idealism of youth freedom stories

ofthewolves 19 | Slytherin | est 10th July 2016
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Does the blinding idealism of youth makes us want a life worth living ? A life worth fighting for ?

A life worth fighting for // The idealism of youth

by ofthewolves

I want a life

a life worth fighting for

Where I could say on my deathbed

" I've done everything I wanted to do "

Where I wouldn't think in my 40s

That I should've picked the major I loved

That I should've picked a career I loved

Not a job that pays the bills

I'm seeing that all the time

Aunts and uncles and neighbours and parents

That regret not following their passions

Not living their dreams

and falling prey to society

but yet they still tell us

' Get a job that pays well '

' How about being a doctor ? Lawyer ? Engineer ? Accountant ? '

' If you get a good paying job you can buy the things you want to do in the future '

To that I say

Why live a life you don't enjoy on the assurance that you will be able to buy one you like later ?

We aren't even guaranteed to live until tomorrow

Life is too short to live for the future

But isn't that what we're all doing ?

Studying to have a better future

Working for that promotion that gives you a better future

' Ah the idealism of youth '

They say

Well if it helps me live a life I love

Study something I enjoy

then I welcome that blinding idealism

Lets all live, not just exist

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