Well thought out public playlists can re-categorize music.
Well thought out public playlists can re-categorize music. the faith (the band) stories
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Well thought out public playlists can re-categorize music.

We the consumers eat creative content like pigs eating from a trough. This phenomenon is not bad for musicians (aka creators)...its good ...

IF consumers create well thought out playlists, and contribute to conscious collective data codification.

Making a playlist thats titled for friendly consumption by others as well as yourself can be very coalescent, creatively uniting creators and consumers around the corporate vortex.

No work really, just simple titles such as, "Mad stuff for post blocking ", "Sick beats for driving by the high school ", "Its greek to me class alternative"...etc...

or as my last nights title was, "Music that makes me shiver", all fight against the decades old ominous "genre".

Plus, hey, who knows, possibly, (and I theorize now) this can create a paradox of reverse or at least alternative classification.

This can also possibly, ( I theorize further), create some kind of peer to peer conscious collective algorithmic data non-singularity!- in regards to music assimilation.

--using the lovely tools we now have.

Once upon a time music was not genre based...

and what if it had gone another way in the beginning? To categorize music according to message /feeling/activity/ emotion / idea instead of genre would be very interesting...

and thats what, inadvertently.... we are doing. All of us. Should we take it lightly?

Its harkens to ‘the faith’ and ‘the void’ when back in the 80's in DC when they spat upon genrefication of music.

For better or worse I don't really know

Can't tell the future but my actions will show

Remember the past without any regret

Your subject to change but never forget

If anything else do it in honor of the message from the faith EP from 1983.

From a musicians perspective, Its enough getting up against the odds, missing out on relaxation in lieu of dedication to the passion,

aka chosen instrument and sometimes pulling members of a band out of bars and bed and addictions to practice for years...

fighting off wanna be's and traps of "managers " that don't manage and "representation" that doesn't represent and living against ones credit and best charm to local angels to save

for recording to gain recognition for all the creativity and messages that keep you awake at night thinking maybe just maybe you'll meet the right people and find the time

between minimum wage jobs or kids or girl/boy drama and try to not get sucked into addiction or nay sayers or your own self doubt and then to have odds placed against you by the

very "talent seeking" milieu to seek recognition for the message you have to tell the world.



In other words....maybe your public playlists warrant a little (tiny bit) of mindfulness...for the sake of the future and success of the artists you love.


Off / On Records is seeking new music not based on genre, but on potency.


The Hexagon Residency will open in 2019.

Its a place where financially or mentally struggling musicians get to take that next step as artists from undertow pull and to overthrow doubt and record in a rural, healing setting.


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