You say you know me?
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You say you know me?

Everyone says they know me.

That they know who I am.

When asked, they answer something about my high grades.

The answer something about my big mouth for talking back.

Maybe even about the confidence I have.

They tend to look up to me.

And sometimes

I feel all the pressure on me.

Everyone thinks it's easy.

That I am lucky for having such a great brain.

That I have the perfect family.

That I have the perfect life.

And I try, I really do try to tell them.

To make them understand.

That it is not that easy. In fact, it's not easy, at all.

But they are stuck with their thoughts, thinking I have the life everyone wishes for.

I have both of my parents, two older brothers, an older sister, good grades​, great confidence, I do not accept any mistreatment, to myself or others.

What else would anyone want?

... Right?


People think that everything is just great.

That with a life like mine, I have a perfect future for an average family like them, like you, like me.

And yes, it has its perks.

But it's not that easy...

It is never that easy.

Everything around me is a time bomb.

My grades?

An A- or 8.5 is unacceptable in my house.

If you get mad at your parents for grounding you because of a 6, when they take away your privileges...

That happens to me for an 8.5. Sometimes even for a 9...

My "perfect family"?

My parents are the strictest in the planet.

One slip up, I'm out.

My eldest brother?

He has fun watching me crumble when he tells me how much of a disgrace I am for the family.

He likes to tell me my every mistake.

How I ruin our perfect reputation.

Also, he is the best in every class he takes.

"Look, I got a perfect score on my test! Oh... Yeah, congratulations for your perfect scores in all your classes... "

"I have to go to that super strict and stressful academic program because he did? He got 3 different diplomas for his great gredes? I have to do better than him academically? Okay..."

My older brother?

He is my parents favourite.

That means comparison has to be done.

"Did you ask your brother how it's done? Because this is not right." "I wouldn't need to tell your brother to do something twice."

"Your brother would have done it differently."

"Maybe you can try to learn to play an instrument, your brother know 2 and went to singing class remember?"

My older sister?

I can be dying and she won't notice, how would she? We only see each other once a week.

And when I do see her, she spends the day texting and drawing.

My confidence?

Hahahahahaha, what is that?

Oh, you mean the way I walk?

I actually just want to grouch and blend in with the crowd.

The way I talk?

You don't know how many times did I practice in my mirror the different scenarios that could happen so I wouldn't stutter or mumble.

The way I act?

Sorry to burst your bubble, but that's it.

Because that's what it is.

It's all an act.

I mean, come on.

Did you actually think that I was like that?

Do you even know me?

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