The field
The field tw abuse stories

offical_asshole Community member
Autoplay OFF   •   2 years ago
Poem of heartbreak

The field

where did you go?

i must of lost you in the fields of emotion

or in the sky or the ocean

or somewhere youre not likely to be

without me

and i wish i could grow from these negitive emotions

but the aging clockwork heart stops for no one

i was swept up in the tears and the blood and the cuts

the ones that you shoved youre lust into

just to soak it up because i'm worthless if i can't preform for you

i bet the next will be too

you have glutton for pain

you and your sadistic ways

they never got to me

because you can't hurt me more than i hurt myself

or maybe the self inflicted wounds

were the ghost of you

taking whats rightfully yours

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