Mollifying the Mothman
Mollifying the Mothman 15-min-of-fame stories

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As the internet grew, I became an icon overnight. How can I keep them away, if they insist on seeking me out?

Mollifying the Mothman

The first time I ever tried to save those wretched creatures, I landed atop a bridge, doomed to collapse, and screamed at them to flee. They did not heed my warning.

I chased their vehicles away from my territory, aware of the toxic waste waiting to poison their delicate lungs. They returned the following night, unhindered.

I have spent my entire life using fear to protect them, but I now realize they have been dooming themselves since the beginning.

As the Internet, this bizarre, fickle creature, began to grow, it consumed and spread word of my exploits further than my influence had ever stretched before.

No one can ever predict how it will change a tale, though I never expected to be caught beneath its discerning gaze.

Practically overnight, I went from warning off the occasional hunter from afar, to my territory being trampled beneath the sneakered feet of humanity, their bright flashing cameras pointed at the canopy in which I concealed myself.

I was a butterfly, pinned beneath glass.

The struggling human settlement skirting the edge of my territory clung to the notion of my notoriety, creating postcards and baked goods and t-shirts, mollifying my image into something harmless.

Something profitable.

Humans arrived by the thousands in their rumbling toxic vehicles to eat treats in my likeness, and stalk the woods in search of me.

All I can see when I look at them are those I failed when the bridge collapsed, their bodies sinking into the river below, never to resurface. They are my first failure, and my greatest regret.

They erect a great gleaming statue in what they think is my likeness at the center of the settlement.

Humans flock to photograph each other standing before me, smiling and laughing when they should be fleeing in terror. I am a monster. They are no longer afraid.

The world always returns to equilibrium, however. Just as quickly as my uncanny fame took root, it withered and died. A great plague sent the humans fleeing to their homelands.

The air in my toxic territory tastes cleaner than ever. Unfortunately for their settlement, the temporary revitalization did not last. Every day more and more humans leave their nests abandoned. Finally.

Once they forget about me, it makes it all the easier to guard them by fear once again.

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