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Penny Palidoria loathed her life on Durian Drive...

Durian Drive

Penny Palidoria loathed her life on Durian Drive more than words could describe.

Her mother's new job meant they had to pack up their perfect little life on Pear Place, moving halfway across Cornucopia to the worst fruit basket imaginable.

She went to school every day soaked in the pungent scent of durian, so horrible not even the fruit flies would buzz by her.

She would have dealt with the asocial worms on Apple Alley, or the wine-drunk nymphs on Grape Grove, heck, she would have even accepted Hades himself and settled in Pomegranate Parkway, but no,

they had to move to the smelliest, ugliest most horrible fruit imaginable.

Mrs. Palidoria smiled tightly as her daughter complained, her buttercup-yellow wings fluttering.

She tried pointing out how large their new home was compared to the last, covered in rigid spikes to keep thieving birds and bugs away.

Penny cursed at this, who would want anything that touched the place?

Penny and her mother ate on a bit of picnic blanket outside of their new home the first night, watching wasp-drawn pixie carts flying through the sky in sweeping arcs to avoid the house.

Penny drank her honeysuckle nectar in silence.

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