'Because I Love You'
'Because I Love You' star wars stories

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Just a little excerpt from a bigger story that will be posted on my other pages for writing. It's part of a fanfictional revision of Star Wars that I have been working on for a decade now.

'Because I Love You'

With eyes instantly shut tight, Lucy dropped in a heap on top of Luke, her body limply sliding off him to the cold metal floor; her body automatically curled itself against the body behind it.

He grunted when she fell on him but as soon as she ceased her movements, he pulled her body right up against his own, shifting her body,

turning it just enough that he could slide his bare left hand up her neck to her right cheek. He looked to her face, scanning, horror consuming his countenance as he assumed the worst too soon.

"Oh, Lucy... Why'd have to do that?" Luke asked her in a soft, tired like tone as he lifted her face from his bicep, so she could look into his eyes when she answered him.

She forced her eyes to open and she forced her head to crane just enough to look him straight in the eyes, "b-b-b-bec-c-cause.... I-I-I.... Lov-love.... Y-y-you....

," and with that reveal, Lucy's cheek fell down onto the cold metal floor,

beneath Luke's arm and her lungs slowed to practically nothing as did her heart; Luke touched the back of his left hand to her left cheek and realized she was as cold as ice.

He only stared at her with eyes soft, loving, appreciative and allowed a sad smile to form upon his lips,

he leaned his head down to her own while sliding his hand down to the floor just in front of her belly,

holding her close and placing a passionate kiss to her temple before pressing his cheek against hers, "I love you, too," he softly whispered into her ear forcing a weak smile out of her.

The white lightning arced back to strike at Vader, and somehow, in the middle of all this, he was able to Force pull Lucy out of Luke's arms,

away from his grasp and toward the metal stairs that ascend to the throne as if to protect her for one reason or another and when he knew that she was above the stairs,

Vader released her and she dropped onto the stairs; her head hitting one of the steps,

knocking her unconscious as she rolled down the slightly slanted stairs to the floor below; she was now halfway on her stomach, with her hair over her face again.

Now would begin the recharge process for Lucy's body for she was knocked unconscious just before the last bit of life drained from her essence.

It was as if, somehow, Vader knew that she would hit her head on the staircase when he released her, that she would fall unconscious,

that she would then recharge and her life would be saved; she saved his life, now he could do the same for her, for his son.

It was better than leaving her life to drain completely, Luke would never have forgiven him if he had done that.

Luke looked up, even more, surprised by what Vader had done and Lucy being so far away, so suddenly.

Vader then stumbled with the Emperor in his hands as the sparks rained off his helmet and flowed down over his black cape; Luke quickly tried to stand as his father held

his evil master high over his head and walked to the edge of the abyss at the central core of the Emperor's throne room.

With one final burst of his once amazing strength, Darth Vader hurled the Emperor's body into the bottomless shaft, the Emperor's body helplessly dropped into the void,

disappearing as it fell into the abyss.

Finally, when the body was far enough down the shaft, it just exploded, creating a rush of air through the room which then, in turn,

caused Vader's cape to be whipped by the wind and he staggered before he collapsed toward the bottomless hole.

Obviously not having enough strength to stand at this very moment Luke crawled to his father's side and pulled him away from the edge of the abyss to safety,

laying the once Jedi Knight down on the ground to rest.

Both the Jedi and the Lord were too weak to move much but Luke seemed to find the strength to steady his father and stand up to slowly move to Lucy's side.

He had to see if she was okay...

He had to see if she was all right...

He had thought he lost her...

As Luke came closer to her,

Lucy slowly opened her eyes and dumbly wondered where she was but it didn't take long for her to realize she was still on the Death Star in the throne room of the once-living emperor,

she turned onto her back and her hair fell back behind her head, onto the floor with barely any help from her. Luke kneeled down beside her.

Lucy was now too weak to move at the moment or more like her whole body was way too numb to move. She looked up suddenly, to see Luke beside her.

He now began to gently stroke her forehead with his right hand, his gloved hand, he merely smiled when she began to stare at him, "Lucy... Are you all right?"

Luke asked her; the question he always asked her when something goes wrong or something is wrong and as if Luke's hand movements had cured all her numbness,

Lucy whimpered and shot herself up to embrace him; she had thought she'd lost him, "I thought I lost you!

" She cried into his shoulder; she cried from the pain in her again healing heart, throbbing head, and the increasing leg and hip pains from falling so much.

Luke merely enclosed her into his arms, "I know. I thought I lost you, too," Luke whispered into her luscious golden locks of hair.

"I love you, so much, Luke," she spoke real soft as if someone had punched her stomach and she was breathless.

Luke pressed her against him, "I love you, so much more, angel."

Lucy pulled away and she placed her hands onto his cheeks.

He suddenly gave her a confused look, he began to shake his head slowly, shaking Lucy's hands off his cheeks in the process; her hands fell from his cheeks to his shoulder, "why did you do that?

Why did you jump into the Force lightning? Why did you jump in front of me? You could have killed yourself. You could have died trying to save me," Luke was still curious.

Lucy merely smiled at his confusion as she thought of a Disney movie she loved so dearly. One about a God who was stolen from his parents at a very young age and turned mortal.

Then when he's just a kid he finds a trainer of Heroes. He trained for several years.

When he is eighteen years old he goes on a mission to save a town and runs into a woman, whom he falls in love with when he sees her. As the movie progresses she falls in love with him, too.

Lucy remembered the line that they both say in the movie. One of her favorite lines, "well, 'people always do crazy things... When they're in love.

' It's a line of dialogue in a Disney movie from my home planet. But it's also true. I do crazy things because I am in love with you.

That's what you do when you love someone when you're in love with someone and I am in love with you and I wouldn't have it any other way," Lucy's smile intensified when Luke smiled with her.

Her hands gracefully found their way back to his cheeks as Luke leaned into Lucy's face, she pulled his face towards hers. Their lips fell into place once again in another kiss.

One long, passionate kiss and then multiple shorter kisses. The Jedi and the Egyptian pulled away from each other. Lucy lowered her head onto Luke's shoulder.

As she closed her eyes in relief and happiness, he pressed his face into her neck where her hair laid.

Luke shifted his head and kissed Lucy's neck as her eyes opened, she looked behind him to see Vader trying to pull himself up from the floor.

"Oh, no. Luke...." Lucy trailed off as she tapped Luke's shoulder with her index finger, gently pushing him away from her and Luke turned his head in the direction of his father.

Both of them slowly stood and walked over Vader. Each of them put an arm around their shoulders and began to drag him into the elevator.

With all three of them inside, the elevator took them down to the main hangar. Luke and Lucy regained their positions and started dragging Vader to the nearest ship they could find.

That wasn't beaten up badly.


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