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odifiariel I'm 16 years old and an aspiring author.
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A retelling of The Promised Neverland's story with Ray's perspective and an alternate ending.


From the start, I suffered, I already knew I was aware but I knew I'm helpless It's a long process but I'll think this through I'm doing this for the sake of those two

It's difficult to hide and difficult to show In a deadlock gripped tightly is my situation There's no other way, we can't escape without pain To the sacrifices, I promise your lives will not be in vain

I don't want them to be gone, not those two For this to work, I have a lot to conceal But if it's for those two, surely, if it's for them "Mom, let's make a deal"

Alright it's my turn, this is the beginning A counterplan that will decide it all I will bear the fruit of risk and survival Time will come to put an end to this life-long battle

I tried to tighten my heart so it wouldn't be hurt All I need are those two to be alive, nothing more But I look at them wave goodbye, I still suffer Despite knowing there's nothing to change, I could feel my heart shatter

It's been six years, and this is finally it I'm gonna have them know the terrifying reality But, I'm no different from her, I'm sorry "Let me take care of him, Conny"

Such an innocent child unaware of her faith Is this right, using someone's life for a selfish sake No, this is the best course of action for the best results This is not an option for someone with a weak resolve

By the windows I sat, watched and observed As I see those two wander off to see the truth I'd seen what I've expected, they've returned I hope they don't figure out my swerve

Their actions have been full of despair lately But surely, giving up will never cross their minds Someone doing it for her and someone doing it for everyone's sake 63194, 21194, 81194, it's time to escape

I've put myself in the most dangerous spot A traitor to both parties but I know what I'm doing Now, convincing them to follow my lead to fight But then my plan and her idealistic mind collides

As much as I wanna have everyone, we've to leave them behind Things will not be as smooth with many involved I've to pretend I'm fine with everyone coming along While thinking of a way to stop them from doing so

Her naivety and his submission somewhat hinders me And now, two more added to the party Should I go with it or frame someone up But I have to make sure I'm not falling for neither's trap

It's not at all surprising but he figured me out Even if it's a lie, I made him admit to my plan After all, everything, I've planned from the start "You're looking at your most powerful trump card"

We've finally set everything up, time to test it out But why do I feel such uncertain heartbeats, clogged I'm confident we'll pull it off but why are my nerves racking "Yes, you were useful even when you're a lying dog"

NO! THE PLAN, WHY, WHY MUST THIS HAPPEN I bashed through the door, I have to inform them "Hey, hey, you there, let me help!" I managed to take it down as I yelp

"WE HAVE TO CHASE THEM AND GET THERE BEFORE HER" We ran as fast as we could for them to reach the message "FORGET THE PLAN, ESCAPE NOW!" We were too late and she was an overprotective savage

As inevitable as it is, I will never give up I won't allow either of you to die, not on my watch No matter what it takes, I will make it happen definitely I'm willing to break any bone in my body

I've explained plan b and time ticks faster "Hide in the forest, wait for us, and we'll escape together" We savored our initial final moments and waited Patiently, finally we'll make this work successfully

That night, we had courage and hope Finally able to take the first step to our freedom But our world spun, as if turned upside down with all hope gone Now we have no other choice but to risk it all

I couldn't do it, 6 years of preparation for nothing I failed to protect him, I failed to protect them I didn't wanna see him go, did this have to happen, why? I couldn't bear the weight of his goodbye

The road to heaven is connected from hell I didn't want to do this but wanted to at the same time I'll have to live up to the name of being a liar But there's only one way to solve everything now, fire

There's no God or stars to worship But I never stopped believing that day would come Where everyone will be free, everyone reaches their freedom and soar I'll abandon one thing but I will not abandon my family anymore

As I expected, she came, at this day "You haven't really given up, haven't you" I looked into her and poured gasoline all over me "I'll abandon my life, leave me behind, and be free"

As our plan was all set, I struck my match She wanted to stop me but this is the only way "Use me as a diversion, so you'll get out with everyone" It was tough for her but she stayed strong

I dropped the match and set everything on fire The last words I heard, "Happy Birthday Ray" It may be heartbreaking but this was the best way Everyone escaped, as I burn to ashes and faded away

6 years, and I saw this day coming It may not be together with those two But if it's everyone with her, they can fly higher 63194, it will always burn bright, this fire

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