As the waves crash and the tides reign tall,
As the waves crash and the tides reign tall, dark stories

odenerii heyy, I write poetry :)
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A poetry on how an individual with a seemingly confident and unwavering facade hides a sea of worries symbolised by waves and their unstable sanity which is depicted by a lighthouse.

As the waves crash and the tides reign tall,

There flaunts a steady bridge of steel and all.

The despondent lighthouse shivers as the heartless waves crawl

Largo; Callous; Hubristic, they call

The lighthouse sways wherever the waves crash

The hopeless light on their head shines dim, observing the waves thrash.

Many suns and moons swing by, over the lighthouse and under the waves.

The once tall lighthouse begins to cave.

Are the waves rising or are they shrinking

Sadistic waves trample over their beacon, chuckling.

Suffocate the neck; snuff out the light

Hundreds of feet high, now hundreds of feet below

The seagulls continue to squeal whilst the ships continue to sail.

The lighthouse forgotten and tossed

As the waves crash and the tides recedes,

There unveils a shaky path of cracked cement.

Once stood the lighthouse curious and fervent.

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