"The Clock"
"The Clock" horror stories

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watch the clock
it's beautiful
it enthralls you
you love the clock

"The Clock"

A man sat in a chair in the middle of a dark room. He couldn't move. He couldn't eat. Couldn't sleep. Drink. Talk.

All he could do was stare at the beautiful clock hanging on the wall in front of him. Every second he heard the slow tick-tock of the clock. He loved every second that the clock made a noise.

He was enthralled by the clock. He had abandoned his family and his friends, even his job and entire life to be with the clock.

They tried to get him to snap out of it and go outside and become a normal functioning person again. He didn't listen. They were trying to take him away from his whole world.

He took care of them. Now, they were sitting right next to him. They were all looking at and listening to that beautiful clock. The man smiled.

He and his friends hadn't sat up or left the house in over 4 days. The man was getting very hungry, thirsty, and tired. But, he couldn't leave the clock.

It was just so beautiful and enthralling. He knew he would die soon, but he didn't care. He would be one with the clock. The clock would be one with him.

He would be with his friends, listening to the clock forever and ever for the rest



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