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Just an update on requested fics. I have alot of time because i'm only in school part time,


Hi! It's Grey.

So I've got alot of requested fanfics that i am working on right now. So just to keep ya'll in the loop Here's the list. You guys can also request more, just know that it will take some time.

1. Shotox reader (angst) -- Denkifi_105 Commaful

2. asanoya -- rockadoodle05 Commaful

3. ereri -- rockadoodle05 Commaful

4. tokoyami x reader(male or female) -- rockadoodle05 Commaful

5. hotwings -- rockadoodle05 Commaful

6. Yamaguchi x chubby!reader -- Peachii Chaii Youtube

7. Tapas Sunflower Light -- ohhhhhhh- can you do one where no one knows that Kiri and Baku are together, and

they accidentally find out, because of mina seeing them kissing... maybe... you don't have too, it was not one of

the options, but I just wanted to know if you could... :3

8. Tapas Sunflower Light -- TodobakuDeku

9.. Eren x Mikasa -- hanz1 commaful

10. Touch Starved Part 2 commaful, tapas, ao3

12. Ymir x Historia -- laylarollinsTs commaful

13. Bokuaka -- ushiwaka commaful

14. iwaoi -- ushiwaka commaful

15. kirishima x anyone -- thatonekid12 slightly spicy commaful

16. How about a scenario where Eri gets kidnapped and held for ransom, and Eraser head and Present Mic have

to work together to save her, while doing so, testing their love through strenuous hero work -- lextbarnett


17. Does he not want to live? Part two. tapas

18. ShinKami -- rockadoodle05 Shinsou is having a nightmare and Denki wakes him up and comforts him. Commaful

Hope this helps you understand why your requests aren't out yet. Please be patient with me. I love writing for you all, but i can only do so much.

Thank you!

Also if you want to find any of my fics my masterlist is here.

all of our socials are in the linktree here if you would like to support us, commision us, or just want to find our stuff on other platforms.

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