One More -- Chapter 1: The Start
One More -- Chapter 1: The Start todobakudeku stories

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Sequel to Katsuki, Katsudon and Kisses

One More -- Chapter 1: The Start

Todoroki Shouto woke up to a loud scream and immediately ran to the source, meeting a bunch of other students on the way, and eventually he was a part of a mob.

He ended up running right next to Bakugou Katsuki.

"Izuku! Are you okay? What happened-" Bakugou started.

Izuku? Since when did Bakugou call Midoriya Izuku. And he sounded concerned. Something is weird here. Shouto thought.

Then Mina spoke, "Bakugou, you have no idea how long we have all been waiting for you to man up and confess your feelings to this boy, when I found out I had to ask just to be sure.

Bakugou's hands were sparking, but stopped when Midoriya interjected: "Actually, I confessed to him."

"Dont lie. Kissing me is not confessing to me. I did the confessing." Bakugou snarked.

Kissing. Confessing. What? No way. There is no way. It can't be.

But deep down he knew it was true. Especially when Midoriya just blushed a deeper red.

Once Aizawa arrived, everyone went back to whatever they were doing, or to the kitchen for some breakfast. Shouto just went back to his room.

Sitting in his room, his mind was racing.

Midoriya and Bakugou were dating? How could this happen to him?

He heard a knock on the door. He knew who it was and opened it to let her in.

"Are you okay, Todoroki?" Jirou spoke sympathetically.

"I don't know." Shouto said bluntly. No emotion showing in his voice. A habit, from his childhood. "I love them both.

Midoriya is so strong, and so is Bakugou, and they are great for each other, they complement each other so well. There are reasons I love the both of them.

I am so happy they're happy but I can't help but feel heartbroken at the same time." That's when the tears fell, and he began crying. For the first time in a long time. "I wish it was me.

I wish I could say, 'i wish I were bakugou' or 'i wish I were midoriya' but I can't, because I love the both of them and there is nothing I can do about it because neither of them love me."

"You should follow your heart..." Jirou placed her hand on his shoulder.


"Give me a sec I'm trying to come up with some cheesy shit to tell you." Jirou sighed, "Look, there is nothing we can do about this at this point. They love each other.

All you can do is be happy for them.

If it's eating at you, you should tell them, both of them at the same time, so that it isn't something that they feel like they have to keep from each other, and then the ball is in their court.

But if thats not something you feel like you need to do. Don't and learn to move on."


Izuku was walking from his dorm to the kitchen when he passed by Todoroki's room, and heard it. He heard a loud, sobbing voice. He heard every word of what Todoroki said. Every word.

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