Touch Starved.
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A request from the lovely Sunflower Light on Tapas that i completely forgot to put up here.

Kirishima is a very touchy drunk. Bakugou did not know this. Until now.

Touch Starved.


The loud music pounded in Kirishima's ears as he took another sip from his red solo cup. Mina is probably the one person who could through a party like this and not get in trouble with Aizawa.

No one could ever understand her ways. He had just left the dancefloor when he saw him leaving the kitchen.

Katsuki Bakugou. Built like a god, he stood there in a black tank top and his jeans cuffed, a beer in his hand. He was practically bursting out of his clothes.

How could one have so much muscle? Somewhere in between these thoughts he threw himself at Bakugou.

They both almost tumbled over while he wrapped his arms around the blonde boys neck. Their bodies pressed together. "What-" Bakugou growled in surprised then he notices who it is .


"I like you Bakugou," Kirishima interrupted.

"What?" Bakugou, who was easily baited into drinking games, and also slightly tipsy, was very confused.

"I like you, Dumbass. There I said it like you. You get it now?"

Bakugou rolled his eyes and put his hands on Kirishima's waist to support his weight. "You're drunk."

"Yes. Yes, I am. You know what they say. Kids and drunk people always speaking the truth!" Kirishima laughed, playing with the hair at the nape of Bakugou's neck.

At that Bakugou blushed.

"Soooooooo" Kirishima smiled up at bakugou. "Do you like me too?"

Bakugou looks away, shy.

"Is that a yesssss?"

Bakugou's grip tightened on Kirishima's hips. "Yeah. yeah it does."

Kirishima nuzzled into bakugou's shoulder, feeling his warm skin against his face.

Bakugou sighed, "This feels nice."

"Yeah," Kirishima spoke into Bakugou's skin. Loosing awareness of everything but their tough.

"I havent been hugged in years"

At that Kirishima looked up in surprise. "Really? Not even from your family?"

Bakugou chuckled, "My family aren't exactly the hugging type. Do you think we could stay like this just a little longer?"


Next thing Kirishima knows he has a pounding headache. He opens his eyes and is nearly blinded by the lights. He was laying on the couch in the commons.

When he groaned and moved to turn around he noticed a weight on his torso. That was when he noticed.

And Oh. My. God. Was he beautiful.

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