Rainbows are happy:

Rainbows are happy:
 sad stories

odamn dancing queen, young and sweet, only 17
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Trying to balance positivity and life with work and studying might not go that grate sometimes..

Rainbows are happy:

Rainbows are happy

They make you smile

When you are sappy

Look up for a while

The blue in the sky will make you grin

And the yellow sun will make you begin

To look for more colors to make you more glad

And forget all about the sadness you had

You peak and you look to find even more

And forget all about what life has in store

One test, an exam and two papers to do

But how do you even get this through til Wednesday

When this all is due

And it’s sad that you won’t get the chance to do it all

And it’s bad that you blew the chance to do it all

But it’s nice to look at colors to be happy

Because life is not sappy

Or is it?

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