Everyone is aware of the effects of smoking? ...So why is it so hard to quit?

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A tech startup founded by a current medical student and former smoker uses combination therapy to help people quit smoking... But what's "combination therapy?"

Everyone is aware of the effects of smoking? ...So why is it so hard to quit?

Cold-turkey is always an option...

But the success rate of first-time quitters is only about 5%

Counseling of any kind is a good start...

But with so many options and poor adherence, only around 10% will succeed with counseling alone.

Nicotine replacement helps...

but still, only around 15% have success using it in isolation.

Smart phone use is rapidly increasing,

and people are more connected than ever.

Some wise words on addiction:

"The opposite of addiction is not sobriety; the opposite of addiction is connection." When you could use the help of friends and family...why quit by yourself?

Q-Cigarettes provides counseling and Nicotine Replacement...

To give you Combination Therapy in one place: your smart phone


Our app provides the tools you need to build your own personal team of supporters, who are a notification away from providing encouraging words and helping you conquer your cravings

Nicotine Replacement.

Directly through our mobile app, you or your supporters can purchase nicotine gum to help you satisfy those acute cravings.

Combination Therapy.

Our app is the first to provide counseling and nicotine replacement in one place, and improves a quitter's chances of success more than either of these interventions in isolation.

Quit Together.

Q-Cigarettes is taking a new approach to smoking cessation. See more about our program at: http://www.q-cigarettes.com/

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sydneyVerifiedco-creator of Commaful
2 years agoReply
Congratulations to Q-Cigs and the team @ocparker :) Loved the post and excited to see how you guys will help smokers everywhere!

2 years agoReply
I hear you Alicia, thanks for that information -- from a professional. I may give this a try. It's available throughout the United States, right?

2 years agoReply
Lastly, the Q-Cigarette device is interesting. We recommend that quitting smokers put straws or penciles (UsePencils :)) in their mouths to satisfy oral fixations, but this might to just fine.

2 years agoReply
Also, as a public health official in New York City, I can attest to the fact that it has been a challenge to combine both elements -- counseling and nicotine replacement -- in a single place.

2 years agoReply
I recently lost my aunt to lung cancer and I feel like I could have used the Q-Cigarettes App to help her.