She was the writer

oceaneyes16, New Zealand
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She was the writer

by oceaneyes

She was always the better writer, never me

Her thoughts were always written perfectly,

letting anyone who read her stories into her head

I wish I could've seen things through her eyes

She always made things seem perfect, even if they were far from it

I'm nothing like her, yet the same in every way

She was living in her fantasy and I wish I was there too

When she wrote, I could see the world through her eyes

Seeing the fantasy world she had made, was a totally different perspective

She opened my eyes to something I had never seen

And when she wrote about me, I wish it went on forever

I tried to write like her, to show her my world

But she was the writer, never me

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This is bitter sweet, and exquisitely melancholic. It was a wonderfully tender love poem. Great post!!!!!!

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I love it

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this was beautifully written!