A Wrong Accusation
A Wrong Accusation school stories

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What will Hayley do when she finds out that the person she trusts the most might be the one betrays her?

A Wrong Accusation

My plastic-covered diary screeched as I placed it on my table. I opened it, thinking about what kind of dramatic events in my life that I should write about.

Just as I was about to pen down my thoughts, my mind drifted back to the time my best friend, Hayley, falsely accused me of reading her diary.

"All right, class! The class is now over.

Please read a book while waiting for the next teacher to come in!'' Mr William shouted at us with his usual ear-piercing voice while sauntering out of the classroom.

I fished out my book from my bag and took a glance at Hayley's usual disorganised desk.

Her diary was resting on the table, just like how it does every day after Hayley finishes filling her diary.

I had always tried to steal a peek at her diary when she was writing in it, but she was either excellent at covering her diary or I was just not good at spying on other people.

Thus, I stopped trying.

"Josh! Can you be a good friend and take care of my diary while I go do something important? Thanks!" Hayley requested as she ran as fast as a racecar out of the classroom.

As I strode over to Hayley's desk, I caught a glimpse of a few chatty girls gossiping among each other. Not taking much notice, I sat down at Hayley's desk, waiting for her to come back.

No matter how much I tried, I just could not resist the temptation of reading her diary. However, being a loyal friend, I controlled myself from opening Hayley's diary.

While tapping my fingers on the desk impatiently, I noticed that the girls I had seen earlier were inching towards Hayley's desk.

Feeling a little cautious, I tried to cover Hayley's diary with my hands, hoping the girls would not see. Alas, I realised that I was not as good as Hayley at covering diaries.

The girls saw the diary and they rushed towards me.

"Uh, hi?" I mumbled.

"Hi! What do we have here, now? A diary? Is it yours?" one of the girls asked me with a smirk on her face.

"It's not mine, it's Hayley's diary," I responded quietly.

"Oh, that's even better! More secrets for me!" one of the girls cheered.

"I-no. You do not want to rub me the wrong way. Please just go." I muttered, now nervous as I did not want to mess with them.

The girls simply chuckled and one of them reached their hand out to the diary covered by my arms. I took a second to think about whether I was going to fight or flight.

I made my decision quicker than the speed of light. I slapped the girl's hand bravely and went back to reading my book like nothing just happened.

"Ow! How dare you?" the girl whom I slapped earlier retorted, now with a cross look written on her face.

Blowing her top, she snatched the diary from my hands and passed it to her friend standing beside her, who was one of the girl's henchmen.

"No, please stop!" I begged.

After a minute of them passing around Hayley's diary and me saying, "No, no no!", one of the girls suddenly stopped and opened the diary.

My face went pale as I thought about what Hayley might do to me when she comes back to the classroom to see a group of girls giggling as they read her diary. Then, the unbelievable happened.

She placed the open book in my hands and grinned cheekily.

"Oh my gosh, Josh! How could you read Hayley's diary without her presence? I just cannot believe it.

Josh, be prepared for Hayley's wrath, I'm sure she doesn't appreciate people reading her diary!" the girl gasped as if nothing ever took place just a few seconds ago.

"Hi, Josh," Hayley's voice bounced off the walls of the classroom.

I quickly put the diary on Hayley's table and put my hands up to surrender.

"I swear, Hayley, I wasn't reading your diary! I know it's very hard to believe me in this kind of situation, but please, I'm telling the truth," I defended myself.

"I know what's happening. Josh, you broke my heart. Those girls did nothing, I just know." Hayley replied with a tinge of sadness and disappointment in her voice.

"I told them a million times to stop passing your diary but they wouldn't listen! You are my best friend. Please believe me." I spoke.

A sense of uneasiness hung in the air.

I was standing at Hayley's desk, the nasty group of girls was huddled together beside Hayley's desk and Hayley herself was standing by the front door.

By now, everyone in the classroom was staring at us blankly. There was pin-drop silence. My throat tightened. Hayley walked up to us.

"Why isn't the teacher here yet?" I thought to myself.

I just wanted the teacher to come so that this huge drama would come to a temporary end and Hayley would calm down and think sensibly. Hayley then opened her diary.

I could tell by the look of her face that she was searching for clues. Hopefully, Lady Luck would be on my side.

"Josh, do you have long hair?" Hayley asked me as she pointed to a long strand of hair.

I grinned.

"No, do you?" I asked back.

"No do you?" Hayley asked the question again, but this time referring to the group of girls.

She had a sly grin on her face.

"Uh, I didn't take your diary." one of the girls' responded.

"I didn't even ask if you took my diary. I just asked if your hair was long. I guess it is. It's long and full of lies!" Hayley shrugged and retorted.

The girls whipped their hair and went back to their seats.

"Whatever," they said, rolling their eyeballs.

Hayley looked at me, her eyes filled with guilt, and started to apologise to me.

"No, no, it's fine. I'm just glad that I have such a good person as my best friend." I stopped her.

Hayley smiled.

"Josh! Hello? Earth to Josh? We have to go!" Hayley snapped me out of my reverie when she rung her voice in my sensitive ears.

She nudged me vigorously.

"Oh, sorry, I was just trying to have a 'Me Time' for a second there. What do I do now?" I asked her curiously.

"We go to recess now, my dear friend!" Hayley snapped and dragged me to the canteen.

Thus, I say, my best friend is my rock.

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