The Angel Assassin: Prologue Part 1
The Angel Assassin: Prologue Part 1 romance stories

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Having witnessed the brutal murder of her mother at a young age, Abilene Grey was anything but normal. Years after the incident, following a chance encounter with a strange and emotionless boy, Abilene's world of grey completely changes- the splattered colors of red and black slowly covering the pages of her new life.

"I know how to heal physical pain, but how do I heal my emotions?"

The Angel Assassin: Prologue Part 1

This is my first time writing a story, so please bare with me.

(: It will be mostly unedited and probably won't be the best work you've ever read so I apologize for that in advance!

This idea actually came to me originally because I wanted to create a webtoon, but I decided to write the actual story first and then maybe one day try to convert it to a webtoon.

I am writing purely for my own enjoyment, so feel free to critique where you feel it is needed. I welcome all forms of criticism because I know that this story is novice level.

If you see any grammatical errors or parts of the story that just don't flow/make sense then let me know!

The great thing about being a human is that there is always room to improve, so don't be shy to make your opinion known. Thank you for reading my story and I hope you enjoy. Stay well friends. <3

Warning: This story will contain mature content and gore, please if you are under 18 I recommend either getting your parents consent or not reading the story at all.

You have been warned friends >:)

<3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3

The young girl stood there, her eyes filled with fear. She could hear her own heartbeat in her ears as she was convinced it was beating in her own throat.

Not having the power to move, paralyzing fear taking over every limb, she watched as her mother was brutally murdered before her eyes.

She had walked into the living room of the home she and her mother shared as moments prior she had heard a loud clash.

Running to the living room to discover what caused the noise only lead her to the harrowing scene that played out before her.

She watched as the silhouetted murderer slashed her mother with an ax over and over.

Her mothers long blonde hair laid sprawled in a pool of deep,

red blood and the woman's eyes stared at the ceiling unmoving and filled with fear as her body lay lifeless on the floor taking each and every blow from the ax.

As the girl stood in the doorway unable to move or even hardly breath, the masked figure looked up in the split second a car passed by outside.

With the cars headlights now shining in through the window located directly in front of the murder scene, the young girl could see that this masked murder was not much taller than herself.

He stood there, ax held loosely in his hand as his icy blue eyes turned to be fixated on the young girls own green ones.

She gasped, finally able to get a full breath in as she realized her own fate would be the same as her mothers.

With her breath finally coming back, her mind finally began to process the now dire situation.

She could have ran if she wanted to, but as she looked now between the boy and her mothers lifeless body, she felt as though it was her fault that her mother was dead.

'I deserve this', she thought. For not having been strong enough to run for help or at least scream out for it, she felt as though she was truly at fault.

She felt that her mother could have been saved had she not been so frightened.

Another car passed by allowing the light to hit the boys face yet again,

and as their eyes met for a second time the girl could see an emotion in his eyes that seemed to swirl around like a serpent searching for warmth in an icy abyss.

His mouth and nose were covered by a black mask as he wore a black hood, black gloves, and black pants with matching black boots.

The split second she had been taking in his appearance felt like an eternity as time had begun to slow down.

Just as the cars lights began to fade away, she saw a single tear slip from the corner of his eye and with that he turned and jumped out the now shattered window.

Left to be alone and completely gutted of any emotion she felt prior, the girl fell to the floor.

Every single feeling of guilt and loneliness hit her all at once, the emotions barreling down her brain as an avalanche of snow does on a mountain.

She began to cry and those cries turned into sobs, which soon turned into screams. She screamed out all her agony and confusion, which soon alerted the neighbors that something was wrong.

The girls next door neighbors, a young couple, began to walk outside their home following the screams to the young girls front door,

upon coming up to the front of the house they saw the broken window and immediately called for help.

The husband quickly called out the girls name but the only response he got were her sobbed filled screams as he had begun to panic, worrying for his neighbors safety even more.

The man knowing it was dumb to rush into a crime scene decided now was a good time to be an idiot as he hurriedly ran to the window and climbed through.

After setting his feet on the ground before him, he realized he had stepped in something wet. Immediately his stomach dropped as his thoughts went to the worst possible scenario.

He slowly raised his eyes from the pool of dark wetness he had stepped in up to the slashed up body of the woman.

Her lower half looked inhuman as it had been slashed so much the skin was flapped open and organs and blood gushed at every side.

He stared in horror as the girls screams broke him out of his frightened trance. Snapping his head up he saw the young girl on the ground in the door way.

Her arms limp by her side as her own long blonde hair covered her face. Slowly walking up to her, avoiding the woman's deceased body as carefully as he could, he tried to call out to her.

The girl had hardly noticed as everything she heard came muffled and quiet. Slowly he crouched down putting his hands on her shoulders asking her if she was okay.

The young girl abruptly pushed him away wanting nothing more than to disappear from existence.

As the blue and red lights had begun to flash outside she stayed screaming on the floor, her body convulsing with sobs.

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