Two Robots and a Bad Idea
Two Robots and a Bad Idea romance stories

obsidianorder Community member
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Arguing is just another form of affection, really.

Two Robots and a Bad Idea

Ten years and you still somehow think I don't know when you're hurting

I know it just as much as I know you'd never admit to it

Apocalyptic was a very vague term before I knew you

What's up with work?

What playlists have you been listening to? I'm bored of everything I have.

Wait what you haven't seen this show? Come over and we'll order pizza and binge watch it.


Have you talked to Kryptonite lately?

It's awesome you met Jamie, though! Things still going okay?

I can't eat all of this myself, want more?

I'm walking a tightrope and I'm the shittiest acrobat

Or maybe we're dancing a waltz I never heard of until I met you

And every word sounded like a symphony after

Or maybe we're wandering a minefield somewhere

The point is I suck at metaphors but I love you please come home

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