The Package: Part Three
The Package: Part Three snk stories

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Levi takes a job that could very well mean making enough money to leave the Underground for good, but there's quite the catch involved...

The Package: Part Three

God what a pain in the ass. He thinks, watching Farlan pay the kids who just came back from assignment. He glances upstairs quickly, hoping she doesn't make a sound.

'Hope she's asleep and doesn't hear the activity down here'. How would he explain the noise she might make?

I've got a 'love' slave chained to my bed?!

Tch. He shakes his head and goes back to cleaning. 'God Farlan get this crap over with. Are you taking forever because you're hoping we'll get caught'? Once they're finally gone, Levi heads upstairs to check on his 'love slave'.

He rolls his eyes at this. This is what Farlan has taken to calling her, and it annoys the ever-loving crap out of him.

Not to mention makes him blush. Furiously as a matter of fact.

She's asleep thank goodness, and he gets ready for bed quickly hoping she doesn't wake up. 'Why do I bother with this', he thinks. 'I never sleep long enough to appreciate the change of bedclothes anyway.'

She does though, he can tell this by the muffled sound of surprise she makes. He continues to get dressed as casually as possible, but he doesn't feel casual.

Not at all.

His heart is pounding so bad right now knowing that she saw him naked that he can barely think straight!

10 years from now this might not bother him so badly, but he's in his early twenties and his hormones are still raging, despite the stellar job he does at ignoring them.

'God how did I get myself into this mess?' he thinks, looking over at the girl who has turned over as fast as possible so as to keep her back to him.

Grabbing a chair from downstairs, he sets it up next to the bed and tries desperately to go to sleep.

He can't, though. He's uncomfortable, and the dress Isabel got the girl is riding up in the back.

'Why didn't you buy underclothes too, Isabel? I swear she's in with Farlan on this. Give Levi shit about his pantiless 'love slave'.'


Every time his head drops, it snaps back up. Wishing he could lie down, he glances at the girl again.

Y/N. She's staring at him. He sits up straight.

"Are you thirsty?" She shakes her head no. "Do you need anything?"

She blushes and looks away. 'Well fuck'. He thinks. "Hold on."

He runs downstairs to wake up Isabel and waits anxiously outside the door. As he cuffs her back up to the bed, he can't help but notice how badly she shakes.

'Fuck, she's terrified. I need to know what happened to her, but she needs to trust me first.' 'How the fuck am I supposed to do that?' He rolls off her and onto his back with a sigh, glancing at her.

"Deal with it. It's my bed and I want to lie down." She seems pretty calm despite the current arrangement, although she hasn't looked at him since he crawled off of top of her a minute ago.

That wasn't easy either. Not just the fact that he was on top of her like that, but getting off of her was pretty damn hard too. Honestly, straddling her with their faces an inch apart was possibly the most difficult thing he's ever done.

Being considered the most dangerous man in the underground, what would happen to his reputation if he let this shit get out? If people found out he was so easily undone by a pretty woman?

It would fold fearsome fast. A lot of thugs down here in the underground make time with the prostitutes in the area to suit their needs; and even pride themselves on the fact.

Levi has always prided himself on the fact that he gets by without any of this. But now here she is. His little 'sex slave' chained to his bed, gazing up at him with a very unreadable but undeniably tempting look.

'What's going on in her head?' he wonders. He tries a comforting smile, or what he thinks is a comforting smile anyway. Her expression doesn't change, so he's unsure. With a sigh, he gives up and closes his eyes.

He wakes up the next morning with a comforting weight on his chest. YN.

The cuffs they are using afford enough room for her to be able to move her arms around, and she had gotten herself turned onto her side. Her head is on his chest and one leg thrown over the top of his.

Embarrassed by the heat her closeness is causing him, he jumps up and causes her to jump as well. She gives a little muffled cry.

"I didn't mean to scare you." he says, and pulls down her gag. "Would you like breakfast?" Again she shakes her head no.

"Please eat something." She just looks calmly back at him.

With a sigh he gets up and turns to leave, but she grabs him; pulling him back to the bed while holding onto him frantically with scared eyes.

"Tch. What is the matter with you? Do you not want to be alone? Is that it?" He rolls his eyes, and then once more for good measure; due to the fact that her eyes are kind of making his heart flutter.

She nods slowly. "If I stay here with you, you are going to talk and eat. Is that understood?"

Again she nods her head, and he continues to stare at her; not moving. "Okay." she whispers. With a nod of satisfaction, Levi heads downstairs.

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