Just in a Dream: Pt. 1, Salvation
Just in a Dream: Pt. 1, Salvation tormented dreams stories

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Now he can gaze at the woman in the f/c dress. He can....
He can hear the roar of the titan.

Just in a Dream: Pt. 1, Salvation

The titan keeps chasing him. He's running, but his pursuer is there at every turn. He races around the corner and that's when everything changes.

Up ahead is like nothing he's ever seen before. Loud, metal carriages race to and fro past his vision. Strangely dressed people walk by, seemingly unperturbed by the noise.

'safety!' he thinks, as he spots you and with the titan bearing down on him he gives no more thought to the strangeness he sees before him. You're up ahead. Salvation.

He dashes forward into the strange world, and looks back once, only to turn away in pain. The titan sits at the threshold, apparently unable to follow.

It's leering at him and munching Farlan's corpse.

He takes a tentative step. 'This place stinks to high hell!' he thinks, a look of distaste on his face. Realizing he's losing you in the crowd he continues on. The metal carriages belch forth noxious fumes all around him, but he still manages to find you.

There. Just turning the corner. You're not hard for him to pinpoint. Your f/c dress, your h/l h/c hair bounces in time with every step. Sunlight glints off a small buckle on your heels as you continue on. A heart on a chain hugs your neck.

Eventually, he comes into a more quiet place. Small cozy looking houses and tree lined streets replace the noise and chaos he just experienced.

You head up the walk to a small house with a rather humble garden along the front. Flowering bushes with thick, drooping blooms adorn the yard beneath the windows.

Instead of following you inside however, he opts for looking into the window, cupping his hands against the glare.

You're doing dishes and lightly humming to yourself, and the scene would be absolute perfection if not for the man standing behind you. He has his arms around you, and he's kissing your neck, that much is apparent from his viewpoint.

What unsettles him however, is the odd familiarity this figure has. He bangs on the window. The woman pays it no mind, but the man turns and their eyes lock in surprised recognition. It's him. He's staring at himself.

After a moment of silently assessing each other, his doppelganger turns away and goes back to his affections. This isn't fair! He angrily beats on the glass again. Again his doppelganger turns, shakes his head and points angrily at him.

'GO AWAY!', the gesture seems to imply, but instead he continues to beat on the glass. Finally, it seems his doppelganger has had enough of the distraction and rolling his eyes, fades from view. Now he can gaze at the woman in the f/c dress. He can....

He can hear the roar of the titan.

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