About Damn Time: Giving Yourself a Hand
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He's sitting at his desk hopefully looking as normal as possible. To the casual viewer he thinks he probably has more steam coming off of him than a titan.

About Damn Time: Giving Yourself a Hand

After two days of just occasionally catching a glimpse of each other, both squads are out on the field. ODM practice this time, and everyone seems to be enjoying themselves. Ness excuses himself from the field, taking a few cadets to the stables for some basic horse care training.

And now he can watch her without feeling like he's being judged for it. Sighing, he looks towards the trees and watches in alarm as her gear sputters and sends her plummeting to the ground.

He rushes up to her, and looking up sharply at the soldiers gathered around he yells. "Get back to it idiots!" Then he turns his attention to her. "What the fuck happened dumbass?"

"I don't know, I had plenty of gas left.." "How's your ass?" "It has a crack in it." He rolls his eyes. "Get up."

She tries but cries out and falls back onto her rump. "Oh for fuck sake." he says, picking her up and heading towards the infirmary. "I think you did more than crack it."

"Yeah there's a hole in it too." He snorts laughter. "Shut the fuck up Y/N."

It turns out to not be that bad, but the medic on duty gives her light duty for the next week. Other than Ness' assigned duties, Levi has her help cleaning his office.

Ness doesn't really seem to have anything else for her anyway. It's good to see Ness is less uptight about a budding relationship between Levi and Y/N. Would be nice if Erwin would mind his own business about it, too.

Despite her spending more time in his office as usual, they still can't seem to catch the right moment. Levi's duties with that Eren kid have been taking up large chunks of his time, and she's usually done cleaning before he even gets back.

She's wrapped up in her cleaning and doesn't hear him approach. He takes the opportunity to smack her ass. Hard. "OW! Dammit Levi!" He chuckles. "Ass feeling better?"

"It was..." she shoots him a sideways glare. "Are you trying to keep me on light duty? You just like having a slave!" "Correction. I like having YOU as a slave."

"Very funny, master. Are there any other 'duties' you would like me to perform?" "Funny. My mind just keeps going on this inappropriate circular track..." He says with a grin.

"Oh! Sexual harassment in the workplace! Please tell me more!" she exclaims laughing. "I can make you clean wearing nothing but your odm straps..."

"Kinky...I like the way you think. Bet you've been tossing that idea around for a while haven't you?"

Grinning mysteriously, he just walks out leaving her to her cleaning. Of course, he has another stupid meeting to attend. Things would have went a lot differently if not. For being so close to someone, he's never felt farther away.

Fuck, even a measly fifteen minutes alone would be fucking heaven!

He's doing his paperwork. She left for the rest of the evening well before he got back. His mind is not on work though. He can't stop picturing her in her odm straps. Naked.

Fuck, why did I have to go and make that suggestion, he thinks. He's irritated with himself and tries to block the image. No luck. Plus, he's fucking horny now too.

Well, hornier would be more accurate. That raging bull never goes the fuck away these days. It was supposed to be a joke, but apparently his damn dick wants to take it seriously!

Getting up he storms into the bathroom and turns the shower on as cold as he can get it. It's a perk to being an officer, having his own private shower. Especially at a time like this.

Hoping the cold water will help him focus, he begins to lather up only to find himself imagining her body instead. His soapy hands running over her pert breasts, her tight ass, her soft...


This is bullshit!

He dries off and dresses quickly, going back to his desk. The words on the paper swim uselessly in front of him. His brain is preoccupied with her.

Her mouth, slowly and sensually making it's way down his body. He shakes his head, trying to dismiss the thought but it keeps coming back.

"I can't do this." he thinks. "I can't fucking take this anymore." A pained moan escapes his traitor lips. There's a knock on his door.

And now he can't even take care of himself, let alone get her to do it for him. His cock throbs defiantly in his pants. "Who is it?" He barks out angrily.

"Erwin." Bastard, he thinks and then out loud. "Come in."

He's sitting at his desk hopefully looking as normal as possible. To the casual viewer he thinks he probably has more steam coming off of him than a titan.

Erwin sits across from him, not saying anything, but he's got that assessing look in his eyes. That's enough to tell him what the topic of this conversation is going to be. After a few uncomfortable minutes, he clears his throat and finally speaks.

"I'm moving our expedition date up. Tomorrow as a matter of fact." "We have soldiers on light duty, Erwin. They will be of no help."

"Yes, I am aware. I will be sending them back to the walls. They can finish their light duty there."

And now he's seething. He's not even going to get to see her for the rest of the mission. Fuck this crap! He's says nothing though, and waits out Erwin's silence with his own.

"Have everyone ready at dawn." Erwin gets up and leaves, and Levi is left in blessed silence. Except for the sound of his own heart thudding in his ears.

Bedroom! Fucking now! He thinks, fumbling with his belt as he stops momentarily to lock his door for the night.

Please don't let this be a failure too.....

It doesn't take him long at all. *Note: It has been stated that Levi 'tried' to touch himself once, but it made him gag* (Poor guy)

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