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Not Inspired

Today, inspiration just seems to flee away.

The only option found is to scroll

Through the longest of wormholes,

Glancing features of self-sorrow.

Trying to hold on to those glances

Just comes to show how hard One clings to crowdy screens

In order to hide their own neglection.

That turmoil of internal doubt

Clashes daily with every absolute sentence

One hears, reads, and feels.

To question it, is to waste energy

In what has been solidified As the purest of truths.

To fight it, is to infuriate

What still holds inside your head

As the slightest of hopes.

So roll with it, behold another sunrise

With a s e m l i

on your f a c e

Say "Hi! Hello!"

Be polite. "See you tomorrow."

Have manners. "A nice day to you too kind one"

Just don't forget to say goodbye to yourself

Once hell knocks on the door,

Slowly creeping in till it burns your manners.

However, surprisingly, even burned

They still shine on your face.

Even in ashes you're expected To grow roots of solid happiness.

After all, they're a top tier fertilizer.

Become the shadow of a bigger you!

Wash away your contaminated blood

By scrubbing your stained surfaces!

Do it until death sets you apart!

Keep focused!

Cause if you don't,

The razor blade will never be too sharp,

The water never too deep,

The fall never too long,

The rope never too tight,

The pills never too many.

Self-love, never worthwhile.

- thank you @o__aurora

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