Sleep is no longer an option
Sleep is no longer an option bed stories
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o_mirkaily Always something hiding behind the lines
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Sleep? Yeah, I gave that up a long time ago.

Sleep is no longer an option

Isn't weird?

I am laying here with my computer. My chest hurts every time I try to breathe.

What would be better? To stop breathing and suffocate? Or suffer a tremendous amount of pain after every single breath?

This is not the weird part though.

The weird part is that while I am laying here, slowly dying, I can only think about one thing. I am almost to embarrassed to admit it.

Should I?

Here goes.

All I can think about is my bed at home. This bed is super uncomfortable. There is only one pillow. What is that kind of bullshit.

I miss my sheets. I miss my bed frame. I miss my blanket. I miss the headboard. I miss the small legs that somehow manage to carry my weight.

And I really miss the mattress. This is like sleeping on rocks.It should be illegal to have these kinds of mattresses.

One thing is for sure. If I die tonight it will not be because of my stab wounds.

It will not be because of my bruises

and will not be because of suffocation

It will be because of this poor excuse of a bed. Good night.. I guess

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