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O3 Credit Cards give you access to a revolving credit facility. Our cards are NAIRA-denominated cards which can be used locally for cash withdrawals or for payment of goods/services. With our credit cards you will be able to withdraw money from all ATMs and make payments at POS terminals in Nigeria.

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credit card business

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When you are running a business, being able to quickly access capital in the form of loans is very important. It is also necessary to be able to make smooth and undelayed financial transactions.

A business credit card offers a single solution to these two concerns. This is why every business owner in Nigeria needs to get a business credit card.

In this post, we highlight the main benefits of owning and using a business credit card.

Advantages of a Business Credit Card in Nigeria

Access to Emergency Loans

Having a credit card for your business means you have immediate access to funds to cover unexpected business expenditures.

With an O3 business credit card, you can have up to 2 Million Naira in credit and access it irrespective of the bank your business is registered with.

Track Your Operational Spendings

Every month on your business credit card, you receive a monthly statement of your expenditure. This is especially helpful in keeping track of the operational costs of your business.

This is also a smart way to manage the funds that employees handle on behalf of your company.

Smooth Business Transactions

Whether you are caught up in a fix, facing a critical emergency, or frequently on business trips, your business credit card is like a friend who shows up to bail you out when you are in need.

With your O3 business credit card, you can bank with any financial institution of your choice and conveniently enjoy all the benefits of the O3 credit card.

Safety of Funds

As a frequent business traveller, a business credit card allows you to travel cashless without worrying about being robbed of your physical cash.

In addition to this is the fact that a credit card covers you from the liability of being hacked as it is not linked to your bank account like a regular debit card.

O3 Cards - Your Preferred Choice in the Credit Card Business in Nigeria

The O3 Cards is the perfect choice in the credit card business for entrepreneurs and SME owners who want to avoid the tedious process of applying for loans from traditional banks and who

also need flexible funds to make business transactions.

The O3 business card is open to any business owner with a 6 month average turnover of N200,000. You do not need to have a specific bank account to have an O3 business credit card.

To apply for an O3 credit card, fill the online application form and wait for your review to be completed within 24 hours.

If you qualify, your credit card will be delivered via courier to your preferred pick-up location.

Apply for O3 Business Credit Card today and get empowered to scale your business.

For further information on O3 cards visit the Frequent Asked Questions.

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