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Percy Jackson is missing for two centuries. TWO! Missing, lost in Tartarus.
Tartarus, the Greek version of Hell!
He sacrificed himself at the Doors of Death to allow Annabeth Chase to safety.
The Gods are devastated, even Zeus!
But when they hold a 'Percy Hunts' council meeting that happens every month. An intruder arrives, with gold eyes and a cruel smile, holding by the neck and scrawny male with cuts, bruises and scars littering his body, his sea green eyes are no longer filled with mirth, instead filling it with hopelessness, like a helpless puppy, whimpering.
How will they help?

Source: Nyxich

Sacrificed, Fund, Repaired

by Nyxich

*200 Years Ago, in Tartarus*

*Memory Start*


"Seaweed Brain, we have to leave!" Annabeth yelled over the clashing of swords and the sounds of monsters POP!

Fighting off the monsters had separated Percy from his Wise Girl while Bob and Damasen held off Kronos. The battle was not in their favour and the two would soon die.

A plan presented itself in his mind as he looked over at his friends. He nodded to his girlfriend and made his way through the hordes of monsters towards her.

"Ok Wise Girl, I'm right behind you." He panted with exhaustion, his lungs burning once he reached her.

Annabeth flashed him a slight smile before she moved to get into the elevator that could get them out of the hellhole.

Just as she was about to get into the marvelous lift she turned 180 and looked at him.

'So close, yet so far.' Percy thought glumly, remembering the quote he had read in 100 quotes that describe your life.

Who had said that, Crustin Cabbagepatch? He shook his head to gather his thoughts, now's the time to initiate the plan. "What's up, we need to get in the lift!" He cried, feigning ignorance.

She shook her head, hopelessness evident on her face. "We can't Seaweed Brain." Annabeth breathed. "Someone has to hold the button."

"I'm sorry about this, I hoped you wouldn't realise." He muttered under his breath. "What do yo-" She was cut off as Percy hustled her into the elevator and lunged for the button.

Annabeth scrambled to get back to her feet and rushed to the doors. But she wouldn't get there in time. They both knew it. "I'm sorry, Annabeth. I had to get you out of here. I love you.

" Percy had tears glistening in his eyes as the doors carried on closing, his finger still on the button. "No! Percy!" She lunged for the doors just as they slid shut.

The girl who always knew a plan for everything, was clueless on what to do, she fell to her knees and sobbed,

praying to the gods that Percy would just magically appear in the elevator or that they had got knocked out when retrieving the Athena Parthenos and it was all a dream.

She had just lost the love of her life, and her best friend, who jumped into Tartarus for her, the one she took a knife for...

The boy on the other side of the door wanted to do exactly the same, to grieve for the love of his life, but he couldn't.

Percy had to keep his finger on the button to get her to the top, to safety. His last gift to her, to anybody. He let his head rest against the side of the lift, his eyes shutting.

Tears leaking from the corners. Tears became sobs as sobs became cries of anguish. This went on for twelve agonizing minutes before the lift disappeared with a pleasant ping.

He then steeled his resolve and opened his eyes. Bob and Damasen were nowhere to be seen, and the monsters were now closing in.

He uncapped Riptide and took a battle stance, prepared to fight his way out, prepared to make his last stand.

*Memory End*

*Just after the war, 200 years ago*


Nico sat at the foot of his father's throne in the throne room on Olympus. All the gods, whether it be major or minor, along with all the demigods, had assembled to celebrate their victory.

But, to Nico, it did not feel like a victory. Hardly, it was a failure. Never in all the nine worlds would it be a victory, not without Percy there to share it with them.

He and the remaining members of the seven seated at the foot of their respective parents' thrones, as he gazed out on all their faces, Nico realised they all felt the same as him.

There was no reason to celebrate, never, not even one of them were listening to the bizarre speech from Zeus about the gods' victory.

Most of them had heard it all before; all of them knew that the gods scarcely did anything. It was the hard work and sacrifice of the demigods that had defeated Gaia.

Especially the sacrifice of the twice saviour of Olympus, who without the monsters would not have died.

And their best strategist and demigod, with the most experience after him, would not have returned to them.

Nico turned his gaze towards the daughter of Athena in question.

She was a total mess, so much so that Aphrodite would never be able to make her look any better with her makeup, her face was stained with tears, her hair hung limply around her face,

it used to be a shade of honey blonde but now it was coated in dirt and blood from the recent battle. She hadn't even bothered to try to get it out, for she didn't care anymore.

Why should she? Annabeth's face was covered in soot and dirt. The girl was still crying even now, not caring that everybody could see her.

Nico himself felt like crying, but he had to stay strong. It was what Percy would had wanted.

Most people thought Nico hated the son of Poseidon for what had happened to Bianca but, as much as he wanted to, Nico did not hate Percy. No, the very opposite in fact.

He loved him and he had never even got to tell the older teen.

"Now," Zeus' voice, for once, was full of sorrow and regret unlike how proud he was before, making Nico and the others look towards him for once, confusion etched on their faces,

"on to the matter of our lost hero, Perseus Jackson, the son of Poseidon whom without his help, we couldn't have won this war.

" All eyes shot to Poseidon, who had tears slowly leaking from his eyes.

The god seemed to have aged in his sorrow, the loss of his favourite son taking its toll on him, his jet black hair now a greyish colour with wrinkles covering his face,

crow's feet etched in the eye's corner. "We will obviously look for any way to get him out of Tartarus," Zeus continued.

"however, the pit seems to have been sealed off from the inside, so for the time being we cannot reach him.

" The amount of grief in the room was so thick it could be cut like butter with a knife, as everybody knew the kind, caring hero who had selflessly given himself to save them,

knowing he himself would probably not return.

"In his honour, we would like to offer partial immortality to the remaining seven and Nico." Zeus announced. They all looked at each other in shock. Nico had never imagined this would happen.

Maybe Jason or Annabeth would be offered immortality, but not all of them. Especially not him.

"We offer the gift of partial immortality, similar to that of the Hunters of Artemis, as with full immortality, you cannot help the demigods fight monsters as it is against the Ancient Laws.

What do you say?" The king of the gods established. Nico turned and met the eye of every other person the offer was given to.

They each had their own thoughts and feelings about what they wanted to do, but the thing at the forefront of each of their minds was the same. Even Annabeth. 'It's what Percy would've wanted.

' He then turned back to face the king. "I believe I speak for all of us when I say, we accept the offer." Nico stated in a deadpan voice. Before adding, "for Percy."

The demigods moved to the centre of the throne room, huddled together like a pack of sardines. When the gods chanted they each gave a grim smile; then they closed their eyes.

The twelve Olympians raised their arms as they chanted in Ancient Greek for several minutes. When they finished Nico felt himself fill with strength and power.

Finally he reopened his eyes and looked at his friends. They would stay this way now, fighting in every war and battle until they eventually fell.

"Okay. Now that there is nothing else to say you can all..." The Lord of the Sky trailed off as we heard a gasp from near Apollo's throne.

Stood a metre in front of it was the oracle Rachel Elizabeth Dare, her eyes glowing an eerie green; red hair blowing around her face.

When she opened her mouth to speak green mist flowed out, and she spoke, it seemed as if three Rachel's were talking instead of one. She said:

"Through times of troubles and war,

The lost hero's spirit one must restore,

To see the truth,

And escape the wrath, which is cruel,

Through darkness, light shall emerge."

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