Souls Apart
Souls Apart mourning stories

nyx Goddess of the Night;
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When one lives and the other does not.

Souls Apart

Dark hair, dark lips, Bright eyes, pointed hips; A fitted jacket loose on her bones, never leaves without it when she leaves her home.

Stockings torn, but mended, just like the soul that commands the lifeless body. Ask her where she wants to go, and she only says yes, which, I guess, means I don't know, Or rather, she does know, but she doesn't know how to say The place where devils and angels go.

Today became yesterday, And tomorrow became today. It is unfair that life continues moving, Even when you do not.

Even while your body lies in a powder blue casket, Sealed into the wall with a necklace draped on your neck, mirroring my own, except mine is black, and yours is gold.

I'm stuck in a body while your soul flies away, Please visit me again someday, Grandma.

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