Pay it Forward
Pay it Forward macabre stories

nyx Goddess of the Night;
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I have seen two paths and made another in between.

Pay it Forward

Mother always said that karma catches up to you,

No matter how much I train and sprint, it will find me.

So when I had the opportunity to be a good person, I seized it,

Not because it made me feel good, or like a better person,

But because when karma found my father,

My mother and I listened as it tore him to shreds in the other room,

And watched its glowing eyes peek into our room while dragging the body down the hall,

As if it could smell the bad deeds and the good deeds through the sweat on our bodies,

So a handful of change here and a donation there, whether with good intent or not,

Karma will be kind when it begins to run by my side.

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