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nyssa96 It's all just a cosmic joke
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i dont even know who this is for


by nyssa96

pictures hanging by a string on the wall, tangible reminders of lovely things that didn't last long enough for your mother to see

your room smells like vanilla candle and through the slightly opened window blinds the sun reaches for you to caress your flushed face

and i am restless because this is still the closest i've ever been to an angel

and you let me kiss your forehead

you let me talk about what's inside my head

you let me be the little spoon

you let me sing the same song in the shower every morning

and you let me love you

and i don't know how to thank you without crying

so here is something i wrote for you

in the middle of laughing and breaking down

between the lines of sanity and insanity,

you are the only thing that is keeping me together.

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