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nyssa96 It's all just a cosmic joke
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Home, I'm Honey

by nyssa96

i) The quiet hum of someone playing Liszt and you putting your hair up and exposing your neck makes me feel like I'm in a film so perfectly made

I just want to capture every single movement of you and keep them in the safest and sanest corner of my brain.

ii) You say it's such a divine night; I say I'm so sure that even the devil's knees would buckle when he hears you speak.

I noticed the fireflies are lighting up themselves even more brightly.

I bet it's because they are trying to outshine you but they will all fall dead even before they do so.

iii) There's a marching band inside my chest and for some reason tonight feels like Christmas, New Years and my birthday all at once.

The other day my mom said she thinks I am getting better. I said, yes, mom,

my old self finally decided to come home.

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