nyssa96It's all just a cosmic joke
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slowly. but surely.


by nyssa96

Tracing the cracks on the wall, my eyes are burning but I'm fighting sleep.

The lonely hum inside my brain is telling me to do something

but loving you is exhausting

and it's been raining white flags inside my brain since summer.

The end of us felt like an earthquake, something tragic I never saw coming and my God, I never saw it coming.

Every night I remind myself that the more I close my hands the more I hurt myself

and it's not easy being valiant

but I am thinking of you

quietly now.

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nyssa96It's all just a cosmic joke
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nyssa96It's all just a cosmic joke
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planetnicwords messily pieced together
9 months agoReply
So prettyyy

bernardtwindwilGold CommaGranddad & story teller,
9 months agoReply
This is painfully sweet. The charming innocence makes smile with delight. It is hard to remember back 60 years ago whenn I was far more innocent. That is why I love your poetry. You bring it home. Great job!!!!!

9 months agoReply
We are not masochist and we would not normally inflict so much pain on ourselves but when it comes to love there's no end to the pain we put ourselves through nice poem