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Judai needs O'Brien and O'Brien wants to give everything to Judai.

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[YGO!GX] Everything (O'Brien x Judai Preview)

Night fell over Duel Academy and everyone headed in for the night, causing the island to grow completely silent.

Other than the animals, the only thing that made a sound was the footsteps of Judai and O'Brien as they made their way back to the red dorm.

Without a word between them, they walked up the stairs of the building to the second floor and stopped at Judai's door.

They both stood there for a moment and looked everywhere except at each other.

They spent the majority of the day together just hanging out on campus and, despite it getting late, neither of them really wanted that time to end.

Judai finally reached for the door handle and opened his door. O'Brien took that as his signal to leave, so he turned around to walk away, but stopped when he felt Judai grab his wrist.

He glanced over his shoulder at the brunet, who couldn't even look at O'Brien. He simply felt Judai lightly tug on his wrist and he took that to mean Judai wanted him to come inside.

They both stepped into the dorm room and Judai quietly closed the door behind them. O'Brien wanted to say something, but had no idea what words to use, or even what it was that he wanted to say.

The silence between just felt a bit too awkward.

Judai suddenly placed a hand on O'Brien's chest and leaned forward slightly. O'Brien simply stood still and didn't move.

Judai hesitated for a moment before closing the distance between them and pressing his lips against O'Brien's.

There was no reaction from O'Brien at first and Judai was worried he was about to get rejected, but O'Brien slowly put his arms around Judai's waist and pulled the brunet closer,

deepening the kiss.

It was strange at first. O'Brien wasn't sure what made Judai decide to kiss him, but he wasn't complaining. It felt nice after all. He just didn't know where they would go after the kiss ended.

Judai, on the other hand, knew exactly what he wanted, but now that he was trying to get it he became nervous.

Would O'Brien want it too? There was no way to know until he pulled away, and so he did.

They were both blushing and O'Brien diverted his gaze, a bit too embarrassed to look Judai in the eyes.

Judai wondered if O'Brien regretted the kiss, but when he attempted to back up he realized O'Brien didn't loosen his grip on Judai's waist.

Judai took that to mean O'Brien didn't want the moment to end. So Judai reached his arms up and put them around the back of O'Brien neck.

O'Brien finally looked at Judai again just in time for Judai to kiss him once more.

This one was even deeper than the first. To O'Brien it almost felt that Judai was in desperate need of something. Perhaps contact with another person, or some kind of love and affection.

Maybe both. It did make sense. Judai had been keeping himself locked away for a while. He was getting better though and was finally leaving his room a bit.

O'Brien was proud of him for that, but it was obvious there was a lot more that needed to be done and O'Brien wanted to help in any way possible. He wanted to comfort Judai as much as he could.

The two eventually pulled away from each other and they both let out a sigh.

Judai had his head down and O'Brien couldn't see the expression on the brunet's face, which he was a bit thankful for since O'Brien himself was too embarrassed to look Judai in the face.

He enjoyed the moment, sure, but it was nothing he'd ever done before and being so close with another person like that was nerve wracking for him.

"O'Brien..." Judai whispered in a quiet enough voice that the other male almost didn't hear him.

O'Brien didn't say anything back, he simply stared at Judai.

Without a response Judai didn't exactly know what words to use. He knew what he wanted to say, but he just simply couldn't find the words.

And he doubted O'Brien would realize where he wanted things to go without him explicitly saying it. He had to say something, anything, that would get the message across.

He didn't want to pass up the opportunity if it were possible to go through with it.

Judai slid his hands down a bit to rest on O'Brien's shoulders and he hid his face in the crook of O'Brien's neck.

"I need you." Judai spoke.

"I'm right here." O'Brien assured him and placed a hand against the back of the brunet's head.

"N-no, I... I need you." Judai reiterated.

O'Brien took awhile to figure out exactly what Judai was trying to express, but then it dawned on him.

The way the words escaped Judai's lips and what O'Brien felt Judai express through their second kiss, it was clear Judai craved intimacy between them.

The idea of that was even more embarrassing to O'Brien. He couldn't believe Judai would want to do that with him. He certainly wasn't opposed to it, it was just... embarrassing.

"But... why me?" O'Brien asked.

Judai was silent for a bit before finding the best way to explain his feelings. "You're... Y-you're here for me. You're here right now. You're the one that keeps coming to check on me.

You're the only one I actually want to see. You're the one I feel comfortable around. I want to be close to you a-and I want us to be closer. I want us to be that close.

Because that's how important you are to me, O'Brien."

O'Brien didn't respond right away, instead he simply took it all in. He didn't realize he meant that much to Judai. He had to admit he did care immensely about Judai.

O'Brien wanted to make sure that he was okay and do anything he could for Judai. He was happy to know how Judai felt so he wanted to do whatever he could in return.

"Then whatever you want, Judai, just tell me and I'll give it to you." O'Brien promised.

Judai gripped at the front of O'Brien's shirt and looked at O'Brien with wide eyes before immediately putting his forehead against the other's shoulder,

too nervous to look O'Brien in the face once he knew what he wanted to say.

"I-I... I want us... to sleep together." Judai muttered.

He was annoyed at himself for not being able to make it more clear, but given the context of the situation, O'Brien was able to understand what he meant anyway.

O'Brien gently took Judai's hands off his shoulders and held them in his own. Judai looked back up at him and O'Brien leaned down just enough to kiss Judai.

When they parted, O'Brien led them to the bed.

Preview finished! You can read the rest of this story and more on my AO3 (NyanBerri) and FanFiction.net (Nyan Nyan Soup). Please consider checking them out!

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