Love or the mystery
Love or the mystery button poetry stories

ny7894 Community member
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A story about love which is as pure from one side as it is fake from the another side.

Love or the mystery

I've been writing up for you

You've been reading it all up

I've been looking up for you

You've been staring me all along

I've been waiting for you

You've been moving along the way

I've been answering up for you

Your unquestioned questions of all time

As I've told you earlier

I'm difficult one

Couldn't be easily understood

But you've turned out to be a mysterious one

This is what you've always wanted

To set me up for you

To wait & look up for you

To remember you in every little act you did

To memorize you

To love & fall for you

Well then I must say you've won this game

But have lost me forever

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