Eyes can lie.
Eyes can lie. romance stories

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Almost fell for your sick cunning soul

Eyes can lie.

The way you hold my gaze

As if you understand just what I'm thinking

Arouses me. I feel it in my chest

You cause tension, an itch that drives me crazy

and just a bit of pain

My stomach turns as if I'm about to jump off a cliff.

What if? What if?

We could speak our minds

what would happen if we could let each other in?

There is no doubt, we might not like what we will see..

You're looking at me

You make me want to let loose

Unleash all hell

Burn you to the ground

I bite my nails.

It's just lust I think. All in your head. What I see isn't really there. Even if it is it's so far away.

I'm not so brave. No. Foolish. To dive in that deep.

Green as the place I grew up in

Black as the night sky after midnight

Blue here and there like the depth of the ocean

Yellow like Autumn leaves

Brown like good coffee on a calm morning

And long eyelashes making you look innocent and charming

And darling

I would love to look at those eyes that remind me of everything I had and long for

But the truth behind them is not one to hold on to

And I would write you poems but you don't like to read

Or else you would've read my lips when I said "you'll never be what I want you to be"

And so for once I say to myself:

Don't play with this fire

You're not ready to risk your soul for charming eyes burning with desire

Something deep there is rotten and you know that, now hear

cause the eyes speak, but the words mean more and cut deep

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