Watching him
Watching him watch stories

nuttyun The strange side of life 🍦🍭🐩
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Written by helensink ... About our doggy 🐩 i chose the pictures.. Hope you enjoy 💖💖

Watching him

We say he's like a big fluffy cushion Sprawled out mid-thought Stretching claws snagging delicately against blankets Tiered like layers of silky snow As he rests his head Sleeps Chest rising up with breaths deeper than his little paws can carry

What does he dream? Tail wagging infused with hazy, half formed memories A silent bark along invisible shores Lighter with eyes clasped shut Blonde lashes fluttering over euphoric lids To blink himself back to the beach

It glimmers the same colour as his fur Golden wisps like treacle strands Caressed between my fingertips The wind cradling his paws as they imprint the sand And laughter, a bubbly liquid, runs over his head in waves

He wags rhythmically against the blanket A gentle call back to reality As the scene melts away into fresh lids Opening softly on the brink of reality My palm brushes his skin Treacle fur takes a breath As my beautiful doggy wakes up

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