Prologue : my first meeting with her
Prologue : my first meeting with her #(before)angelvsdemonseason1ep.00 stories

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Third year high school student named Dhaniel Nathaniel who is assigned to teach a girl will there be love between them?

Prologue : my first meeting with her

Hi everyone there, my name is Dhaniel Nathaniel, now I am in the third grade of high school, and currently I am 18 years old, I don't feel like I'm going to enter college,

in the day as usual I go to see Mr.

D to ask for an assignment In addition to him, it is not surprising that diligent and exemplary students like me are always the pride of teachers, and are always the first predictor at school,

"Ah ... Mr. Nathaniel, my favorite student" said Mr. D, Mr.D who have students problems at school, "as usual you always come here to ask for more assignments from me" said Mr. D "Well ...

this time I will assign you, the assignment is not in writing, which I usually give to you, so You have to teach someone "continued Mr..

D, I was wondering who that someone was, with great curiosity I asked Mr. D:" Who is that someone, Mr. D? ", then Mr. D answered:" Ah ..

That someone is of course Gabriel White ", I was shocked heard her and said: "WHAAAT ...", well ...

Gabriel White was a girl who was called an angel because of her beauty, there were many rumors that talked about her being a good woman,

how lecherous she was because she was always approached by many boys in school.

I can't help but have to accept this assignment for the sake of grades.

like it or not I have to accept this assignment for the sake of grades. You know when I first got assigned by her and when i met her, I felt I had known her.

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