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"what the---shit!!!" Alice cursed and looked at me. On the other hand, the trio was having a laughing fit.
"will you all stop now" I snapped angrily "and it wasn't funny" continued Alice.
"oh look--at--your-faces June and Alice" Trevor MANAGED to say between his laughing fit.
"oh my good look who got the biggest gossip of the year" Leo mocked us in a girlish voice which was sounding ridiculous at the movement and august was still fighting a battle to stop his laughing fit.
"you took a picture" i ask in disbeleif "give it back now" continued with my best glare
"oh not so soon the game is just started" august interupted winning his laughing battle with a proud grin almost beaming.

June is a socially awkward person with a not so good past who just wished to not to get noticed.

August is a arrogant boy who have nothing to worry about.

Alice is June's best friends who falls for Leo.

Leo is best friend of august who is a player.

Trevor is another member of their group with his cute charming british looks.

jacob is best friend of alice & june who is sweet caring freind with a secret.

What happens when they all come together will the change be for their good? Maybe yes...
This is journey of friends being together and helping each other finding their love plus sometimes being a cupid. being a teenage fighting but leaning to trust and be with each other in any situation.

June & august

by nureensharif

June & August

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