Depressed teen
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nuray love to read & write
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a little about myself :(

Depressed teen

by NuRay

they bullied her so many times

at school, cafeteria, house, everywhere

they called her fat, short, ugly, useless and so much more

she used to cry alone in her room

they said she is doing this just to get attention

she scream in her pillows so that no one can hear her

they made her a depressed teen

they just enjoy calling her names and laughs

she used to hide under the covers, holding onto life

she cut herself, thighs, wrists, legs

they said she is just overeacting

she was tired of pretending, hiding behnd her smile

they saw smile on her face, not the scars on her thighs

so she decided to do one last mistake

but she wouldn't be alive to regret that

she killed herself last night

now there is no cries and no screams

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