Dear Lost Love
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nightmares, they're worst... if you've ever had a nightmare then read this.. its related to you and if you like it then DO COMMENT & SHARE <3 thank you

Dear Lost Love

by NuRay

DEAR LOST LOVE, nightmares... i started having worst nightmares.. everynight... i get up with a jerk... at 2 am... covered in sweat... screaming so loud that my ears could bleed..

feeling cold and shivering with fear... breathing so heavily.. i can feel the blood flowing in my veins... i can hear the bumping of my heart in every part of my body...

everything feels dark... and this dark is consuming me...

i feel like i could win anything ... and at the same time i could lose everything... i could lose you...

i could lose you... and that feeling just makes me wanna scream to death... it makes me wanna lay in that grave of our memories all day...

but. then i have to put myself together... because i know that this time you won't be here to calm me.. i have to get up and drink water... slowly... and patiently...

i need to put my all pieces together ... and sing myself sweet lullaby to sleep back.

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