My dear light

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nunu part-time writer.
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For my lost light...

My dear light

Why can I only write when I’m in pain?

why are the words never there for the times I’m happy?

Why can’t I express the joy I feel?

Why can I only write when I’m ready to close off my soul and enter the numbness that takes the pain of you away?

I can’t express the happiness seeing your name brings me.

The way you make me feel when you shine your light on me.

Why can I never tell you how much you fulfil me?

Why does it only matter when it's gone?

My heart beats uneven now, I can barely stand the days… and I’m lonely at night.

I love you.

But my heart only understands how much when you're gone.

When your light has gone.

That’s the only time I realise that I can’t be me without you.

I only exist in your light.

Now you’re gone again, and my heart is done.

my dear light...

my love...

you have left me cold and lonely once again...

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