I just want to know…
I just want to know… pain stories

nunu part-time writer.
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Late nights, sad music, new fears and old tears.

I just want to know…

I know I shouldn't care…

But I do wonder what you felt the moment you realised I wasn't enough.

I know I shouldn't but I wonder if it hurt you to know what it would do to me,

did you think of how my world would fall apart?

Did you think of how much you were going to hurt me again?

Did you know that if you walked away this time, I wouldn't let you back?

Did you care?

Did it hurt you at all knowing we were never going to be okay again?

I know I shouldn't care…

But I just want to know of the love just stopped.

When you saw me the last time before the last time... Did you know? Was that the moment?

Was it the moment you made up your mind?

Was it easy to remove me from your life?

I don't know why I still care…

And although you'll never know...

… it hurts that I still do.

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