To one long gone
To one long gone sorrow stories
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nundmmyhren Community member
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A love poem to someone I'll never forget

To one long gone

In constant motion, like waves in the sea.

So calm and loving, yet stormy and free,

Nor black nor blue is ever so clear,

as i see in the eyes of the one i hold dear.

As gentle as clouds drifting by in the sky,

she looks in my eyes and says

"I never lie"

I'm waiting to sing for her, sing til she sleeps.

She'll fly in the sky, and swim in the seas.

Float on the mildest and gentlest breeze.

See the stars, and the moons, and the galaxies.

I'll always be with her. I'll love her til i weep.

I'll always look to her. I will never cease.

And so I write her this poem.

To a girl, though she's gone.

It's about how I'll sing her

an old, and sweet song.

Now sleep through the night.

Sleep good and long.

We'll talk in the morning.

My dearest. My love.

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