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So, who will mail black me? I stand still..


So, who will mail black me?

I stand still..

You 'll never see me rusting am stainless steel..

Every ghetto streets they know me,

I pay my dues..

Teds and Bundys dread meeting me,

I stand on my knees..

Buffalo buffalo bill I post no bills..

Colony colony I ride on my wheels..

Junkies beg to know me,

I roam all streets..

Flunkies walk up to meet me,

hot on my heels..

In this business of self destructing

I got many deals..

Am not a lazy bone I don't feed on debris..

Peddling junkies with pills

I got no heal..

These series of misfortunes doesn't seem to be real..

Am I the merchant of this fortune? This is surreal..

This is the only brand new me,

I got my seal..

Little baby when am no more you can read in my will..

Every junkie pleases to see me across the streets..

Smugglers line up before me to pay

them bills..

Every flunky rush to shake me as

I walk..

Commandeered chain of commandos

I know every link..

Every thugs rise up to greet me this is me they feel..

Once upon a time in China

I got many skills..

Come! Run! Squat before me,

I appeal with no pills..

Even the police cannot drill me,

I just know so many leads..

Toms, Dicks and Harrys fear me

I stand on my knees..

All these papers you saw me reading

I love stories..

By chance you want to test me,

I sting like bees..

Nobody seems to stop me in my colony...

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