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numberoneraptorJust a loser
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by numberoneraptor

I have this one ex

He said he`d never leave

He told me right to my face

as I was crying worried he was going to leave

Little did I know he`d leave me without a word a few weeks

later for my best friend

I know its been years but things still hurt from time to time

Looking back, I highly doubt he really even loved me

Considering he was cheating on his girlfriend of four years (at the time, they have since then) with me

I hate the fact I let myself be so emotionally involved with this asshat

Needless to say I hate him

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samhalaidk, im stressed and sad.
a year agoReply
What a dickbag.

pennySilver CommaI live for life
a year agoReply
@numberoneraptor that sucks :( im sorry!

a year agoReply
Well we can all under stand why you should feel that way if he is cheating once he will always cheat