The Darker Things
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The Darker Things

The times are dark we live in I know but we have to be strong in these times so we can prepare for the futrue.

When a person like lets say your ex gets mad and she know that after you broke up with her your friendship was off don't run away from your problems like I do. So when she confronted me she said " why cant you be confronted you act like our frieandship hasn't been off after you broke up with me" so I said maybe it's beter for me to run away from my problems then fix them,

The reason behide that is I can't sit there and tell her the real reason I broke up with her the real reason is because I really wanted to date this guy I liked I asked him out he said he was straight so he didn't get with methat moment my ex confronted ne I was smilling the whole time just standing there Im a Taurus so I was over thining and cry inside.

I was felling bad because I let go of the best chance of love I ever had and she really loved me and I was clounded by this fantasist of me acually having a boyfriend and I lost the best thing in my life.

But Im am sharing this story with you so you can be beter then me emotion is your greatest strenght and the power of your brain

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