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I just want to be with you no matter who you are or what you look like. Life is that little bit better when we are not alone

By: Kallum Logan


by Kallum Logan

I don't care if you black

I don't care if you white,

I don't care if you leave as long as you promise to come back,

I don't care if you weak as long as you continue to fight

You are a human,

You are a person

Even if you lack personality

You are something with meaning to me,

Met you and made jokes all of which we both understood,

So many meme references when "we were walkin' through the hood,"

But now there so many problems seeping out of my contained bottle of emotion,

It is like a stain of spilt blood...

You won't die,

You won't go,

I won't cry,

But if I do my tears will be a stream with minimal flow,

You are a friend not a foe,

How about we forget about arguing and just empathise with each others pain

It is more sane to not participate in these relationship games,

But rather just cherish one an other and let mutual trust gain,

Forget about fame I just want to be with you,

Money is lame unless I can share it with you,

But slowly you fade as I begin to wake up,

This is not life this is a dream,

and although you aren't really here the memories are,

I hope we will reunite in my dreams once again, very soon

It is, in all reality, 2AM, I am cold, alone, staring at the moon, wanting to be with, YOU

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