An Enhancing Prance
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A sublime-rhyming climb above, ‘pon wonder springing, singing love.

An Enhancing Prance

One gorgeous summer afternoon my dear friend and my good self were strolling down the high-street. "God, this is boring!" I declared. "Walking is just so slow, such a pedestrian plod."

"We could always skip." suggested my wizardy-lizardy companion, his kaleidoscopic eyes sparkling with mischief.

"What, like so?" I inquired, demonstrating by stiffening my legs and inserting a hop as each step connected, surprised at the burst of momentum this easy action provided.


" answered my slick-kicking pal, now cruising besides me on his own scissoring limbs, his neat beard,

sneaky-subtle smile and oblique wink giving him the appearance of a youthful Laughing Cavalier.

"This is amazing," I observed as the perspective rushed by like a sped-up movie. "It's as if the laws of physics no longer apply. Rapid travel with zero exertion!"

"It's quicker by skip!

" quipped my gallivanting pal's endorsement as he tipped his hat at the incredulous townsfolk, his wise demeanour now resembling the handsome distinction of a fledgling Gandalf.

Soon our brisk progress had traversed the merry metropolis and we were leaping across the fields, approaching the horizon.

As everybody knows our earth is a flat disc created by the Lord Almighty in six days before He rested on the seventh, His omnipotence being limited,

unlike my bounding buddy's and my own capacity for perpetual motion, which was interminable.

The fact that our flush world ended where the ground met the sky, a mile or so beyond the borough boundary, caused me some alarm.

But my scooting chum showed no such concern, spurring us on to that abrupt drop into nothingness.

As we reached the edge of existence I watched my magical mate cavort straight over, sailing into the blue. I however tumbled into oblivion, falling into the vast void.

While fascinated at the underside of reality, the tangle of roots, sewers, geological strata, architectural foundations, subterranean caverns, pipelines and the rest,

I realised that an eternal plunge through the infinite expanse did diminish my prospects somewhat.

But then I heard the now-distant call of my aloft accomplice. "Keep skipping." he instructed. "Let the fairy stride guide your airy ride.

" So I tightened my knees, braced my body and heel-toed each taut tread, pleased to discover that this swinging locomotion gave me the required traction to journey the cosmos.

In no time I was back with my volant colleague, dancing over the sprawling land of toy cities, patchwork farms, stubbled forests and lumpy hills.

Suddenly our breezy fun was interrupted by a crackling voice. "Identify yourself, in the name of the Queen." barked an imperious order of buzzy tone, its blunt reverberation filling the ambience.

"What was that?" I asked.

As if by answer two combat aeroplanes appeared out of nowhere, roaring close past at a tremendous rate,

the shock of their deafening power and turbulent slip-stream sending us into a precipitous spin. After recovering our rhythm and poise my mystical mate surmised, "That must be the Air Force.

They've probably scrambled, thinking we're some kind of threat. Y' know what they're like!"

Wondering how we were picking up their radio hails I again heard the tinny drone of authoritative command. "You are in violation of Her Majesty's airspace. Identify yourselves or we will shoot."

"Sod 'em!" sneered my nonchalant partner, his regal disdain displaying the debonair dash of a suave swashbuckler.

Then, in the distance, I noticed two missiles racing towards us.

"Look!" I exclaimed, pointing at the swift rockets.

"Have no fear," my calm comrade reassured in his smooth baritone, "Watch this."

As the dreadful weapons were about to hit he brushed them aside, the deft sweep of his firm hand deflecting the first skyward and the second spiralling down to explode in an empty meadow.

Soon more projectiles came and were again deflected by my adroit ally.

Unfortunately one of the diverted fireworks crashed into the municipality's retail plaza, causing much destruction and carnage. "Oops!" uttered my clumsy confederate.

"Never mind! I'm sure they're fully insured."

"But what about the people?" I queried, with some concern.

"God will sort his own." he replied, his solemn comportment exhibiting a reverential dignity, tinged with a touch of remorse.

As we saw more jets drawing near my eminent cohort proposed a change of strategy.

"To space!" he announced, "Accelerating to escape velocity!" Thereupon he surged forth with incredible dispatch, soaring into the stratosphere.

"Keep up!

" he called as I floundered through my gears until I found my groove and joined my fleet amigo,

glancing over my shoulder as we hurtled into the firmament to see the supersonic fighters scampering far beneath, like tiny scale models.

We took our place in the heavens, metamorphosising into comets that, like everything else in the divine universe, orbit the terrestrial abode of mankind in accordance with the One True Religion.

Spending our days beneath the circular spread of tide and terrain as the flaming chariot completes its effulgent parade, we arise when it retires to take our place in the stellar adornment,

blazing bright to portend the coming of war, famine, pestilence and death to those who dare read the stars and guess the interconnectedness of all apparently detached events.

Harmony receive and declare

Only if we go"

"Flipping that zip-zapping magic

Splat slick atavistic appeal

Dripping with dithering pleasure surreal"

"Life's weird wiggle soon quivers to soar

Gallant giggle will ever quiet roar

Mystery excite and implore

Only if we go tripping"

"Love's pure passion soon shivers to bloom

Fatal fashion will ever quick plume

Ecstasy arrive and resume

Only if we go"

"Slipping through pip-popping music

New ripe archetypal design

Ripping round ground breaking earth shaking

Free re-birth divine"

"Only if we go

Only if we go

Only if we go tripping, skipping, tripping on yon wonderblur place

Tripping, skipping, tripping by nigh psychoflow space"

"Tripping, skipping, tripping on yon wonderblur place

Tripping, skipping, tripping by nigh psychoflow space"

"Go trip a mazy motion, skip a hazy notion, trip a crazy potion, skip a lazy ocean, go

Trip a dizzy measure, skip a fizzy pleasure, trip a busy leisure, skip a whizzy treasure, go"

"Tripping, skipping, tripping on yon wonderblur place

Tripping, skipping, tripping by nigh psychoflow, sky plateau

Psychoflow, tightened bow

Psychoflow, vital show

Psychoflow, sly hello

Psychoflow, spry tiptoe

Psychoflow, flighty row

Psychoflow, diamond glow

Psychoflow, I nouveau."

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