shooting star a fairy tail fanfiction by ntxhixyooj_
shooting star

a fairy tail fanfiction

by ntxhixyooj_ fairytail stories

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star gazing with your loved one.

fairy tail fanfiction.
natsu x reader <3

shooting star a fairy tail fanfiction by ntxhixyooj_

"Hey, Natsu. Do you ever wonder why there are stars in the sky?"

"Logically speaking, stars are huge celestial bodies made mostly of hydrogen and helium that produce light and heat from the churning nuclear forges inside their cores."

"I know you're not this smart! You didn't even answer my question. Get off your phone!"

"Haha! Fine, fine. Did you know that stars live for millions of years? Did you know that the sun is a star?"

"Of course! We learned this in primary school! It's practically common sense."

"Did you know that some time in the future...the sun will explode and the world will end?"

"Yeah...but hey! It's the present, so, let's live life while we still can!"

"Yeah...hey! Did you see that?"

"See what? Oh hey! There's a shooting star!"

"Did you make a wish?"

"Of course I did!"

"What was it?"

"I can't tell you, otherwise it won't come true!"

"I'll tell you mine."

"Hmmm...fine.. I wished that you and I could spend the rest of our lives together, until the end of time."

"So until the sun blows up and kills everything?"

"Basically yeah! Hey, you need to tell me yours."

"I'm not telling you."


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